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Season 4

A Curse on All Your Houses

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Episode 1: The Tomb of Ahmonapophet

A team of archaeologists is asked to excavate a potential site for the lost tomb of King Ahmonapophet – The Blood Drenched King.

Episode 2: The Face of The Pharaoh

The secrets of the tomb are revealed, and misfortune befalls the archaeologists on their return to London.

Episode 3: Night at The Museum

After their run of peculiar bad luck, the archaeologists arrive at the Credentem Museum to view the exhibit before its opening night.

Episode 4: The Blood Drenched King

As the full scope of the curse reveals itself, Bergamont, Maroon and Kavanaugh must fight for their lives.

Season 3

Christmas Krampus Special

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Episode 1: Chocolate and Basic Maths

The children of Teufelburg must resist temptation throughout the year, to ensure that they get their Christmas wishes.

Episode 2: Eyes in the Dark

The children awake to mysterious sounds and realise that something is lurking in the darkness outside.

Episode 3: Merry Christmas, One & All

As the Krampus draws closer, the children unite to ensure their survival and prepare for the final showdown.

Season 2

Westward by Night

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Episode 1: Welcome to Arnhem

A crew of Bounty Hunters roll into the quiet, half-abandoned town of Arnhem, looking for a killer by the name of Dylan Tress.

Episode 2: The Quick and The Dead

The investigation into the whereabouts of Dylan Tress continues and the crew discover a body.

Episode 3: Darling’s Trade House

The group uncover some strange revelations about Barney’s shop. Horatio finds himself in trouble, John and Mary-Lee find a gun for Randy and Wild Phil opens up to an attractive stranger.

Episode 4: Darkness There and Something More

Mary-Lee and John ‘5 Guns’ Augustine Buttercup teach Randy how to shoot. Horatio and Wild Phil find themselves in deep trouble.

The Ringing of The Bell

As the adventure draws to a close, we discover the fate of Horatio and glimpse into what the future holds for Mary-Lee, Randy, Wild Phil and John ‘5 Guns’ Augustine Buttercup.

Season 1

A conversation at Midnight:

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Episode 1: An Unexpected Letter

The group receive each receive letters from an old friend and are invited to Scotland, to the cold moors of Kilmennark, to attend a gathering.

Episode 2: The Arrival

The group arrive at Wolf’s Hollow, notice some quite unusual paintings, and are given some pre-dinner entertainment.

Episode 3: Dowsing and Leylines

The group find some peculiar items around Wolf’s Hollow and Lionel continues to be confused by the fact that this is not a Hotel.

Episode 4: Dinner

The group go to dinner and meet Evelyn’s new companion. The group press Evelyn for information on her new home and Lionel attempts to try a more subtle line of questioning.

Episode 5: The Show

The group move into The Drawing Room for the after-dinner entertainment, find out how Evelyn and Persephone met, and talk to some unexpected visitors. Lionel crosses the line and spends his time in a corner.

Episode 6: An Uninvited Guest

All Hell breaks loose. The spirit of Michael vanishes and is replaced by something much more sinister. Lionel disappears and Donald aggressively singes a toy dog.

Episode 7: All Hell Breaks Loose

The situation worsens for the group as Rainier faces The Black Dog, Henry starts attacking paintings and Donald finally finds out the truth about fairies…

Episode 8: Denouement

Donald wakes up in The Mary Queen of Scots room, Rainier fights The Black Dog and Henry prepares for the final showdown.

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