The Second Age

By now, the great old races had grown tired of forming and so put their final efforts into creating the great races, the fair and the selfish, which would take over their position as guardians of Shard and worshippers of The Light Mother’s glory.

Suri of the Maeid married Aeion of the Fey and they had the first true children of the new races of Shard, the Elves and the Gnomes, who would be called the Fair races. They placed these races in the forests and the mountains, on the plains and in the earth, in the light places and the dark, and let them prosper there and gave them playfulness and wisdom, great intelligence and charm and these brought happiness and joy to Suri and Aeion to watch their children play and grow. Their children called them Suri-Aeion and made houses for shards of their spirits in the woods and the waters and the lands and the hills.

After the Maeid had seen the children of Suri and Aeion take to the world, they began to want children of their own. Karahad and Gileath came together and gave birth to Men and Dwarves and Halflings and set them about the world to stomp selfishly into the playgrounds of the Elves and Gnomes and stake places for themselves. Karahad whispered to them of ironwork and fire and Gileath told them of stonework and building and they began to build houses and temples, palaces and walls around their new found homes. The selfish races began to beg for more and more from Gileath and Karahad, for more fire to spark their forges, for more ore to make their weapons and armour, until Gileath began to weep for they believed that they had done a wrongness within the world of Shard to bring such selfish creatures to its surface. Karahad could not resist the pleas of their children and gave more and more of themself to keep them satisfied, until the clamouring children consumed Karahad, all but the bones and teeth.

Gileath was distraught and took the bones and teeth and ground them down and mixed them with their tears. They made of them small figures and baked them in the fires beneath Shard as they watched the fire Nudayin’s children play. While Gileath worked, they cursed the selfish races that their blood might never hold the true beauty of Karahad’s essence. They made the clay into savage little creatures, for they had made beautiful children once and they had betrayed them. They put into them their tears and painted them with their blood and made them strong and clever and wicked and vicious and placed them in the wild places to keep their first children from spilling all across the world of Shard and consuming everything within their path. These were the Orcs and the Goblins, the Ogres and the Giants. Misshapen and cruel, forged from blood and tears in the fires where no life can live that was not made to be there.

Once their last children were made, Gileath gave themself to them to be consumed, so that they could join Karahad in The Light Mother’s eternal dream. They ate Gileath whole, fighting for the pieces, and among them the strongest was Oloth, who Gileath had suckled whilst carving and baking the final creatures of bone-clay. Oloth pulled apart many of his brothers and sisters to consume the broken heart of Gileath and, with that, drew their essence into himself to become the king of the clay folk and they worshipped him as their god.

Oloth and his clay sisters and brothers broke from the wildernesses of Shard and waged war upon the selfish races, enacting the vengeance of Gileath upon them. There raged over Shard the first of many wars that would mark the Second Age. The Fey and the Maeid retreated, for they knew that their time was over. They found places in the land and sea that they could be forgotten and the wisest of them gave themselves back to The Light Mother, for they knew that Shard would now need all of the protection it could get.