The Fourth Age

The Fourth Age of Shard was one of rebuilding and unification. The surface of Shard was divided into The Nine Realms and each was given power in itself. The first of them was Githridion, as it always had been, the first city that became the hold of the first Realm of Githridion. Next was made Dis-Urquharat, from the shards of the mountain hold. Then came New Minead and the reclaiming of Uth’Karahad, which became great trading posts on the edges of the central sea. The newer realms were built on top of the broken pieces of the cities before, so came The Wield, which stood by The Wild Lands, and Landreath and Kildarn. Last of all sat The Chasm, the great wound that Xarallidion had scarred into the face of Shard. All stood beneath The Light Mother’s radiance and they prospered there.

After many centuries of peace and prosperity, however, The Chasm, where Xarallidion had clawed its final grip onto Shard, began to spit out foul creatures that wandered into The Wild Lands and Kildarn. The Realms of Shard came to one another’s aid and The Light Watch was created – band of warriors that swore to protect the realms of Shard from anything that might come from The Chasm,  or The Great Night, or from any other evil that might befall it.

The people of Shard, in their new kingdoms, began to turn their eyes to The Celestial Breach, the scar that The Light Mother had torn into the sky above Shard. They saw it as a way to connect themselves with The Light Mother and also as a way to elevate themselves to Godhood, too. Many began to experiment with magics and reaching out their minds into The Great Night and to The Light Mother to try and discover the secrets behind immortality and eternal life.

It was due to this questing that The Light Watch would be called upon to save Shard for the first time. The arch mage, Uneth, the half-orc, half-elf who was a member of the high council of New Minead, began contemplate their own mortality and to lust after a life immortal. Delving into the darkness, looking into the Celestial Breach, they touched the edges of a consciousness that was banished from Shard centuries before. They touched the edges of Xarallidion and they were tainted by it. Uneth used the power of Xarallidion, though they did not know that was what they drew the power from, to reach out towards the Celestial Breach. Using a device that had come to them in a dream, they began to siphon the slumbering dreams of The Light Mother and build the power of them into their own body. Uneth did not realise, however, that their plundering was not only weakening The Light Mother, but strengthening the echo of Xarallidion. They became a phylactery for Xarallidion on the face of Shard and creatures began to draw themselves from The Chasm to be with this new echo of their master.

The Light Watch noticed this growing activity in the creatures and followed them to Uneth and, in their great tower on the outskirts of Kildarn, found Uneth, possessed as they were by the burgeoning spirit of Xarallidion and began to do battle with them. The Watch Master, Thaneth, who was said to be descended from Fayeth, drew out Whisperer, the very blade that had once been used to strike down Xarallidion and used it to strike down Uneth, which had been bequeathed to The Light Watch upon their founding and did battle with Uneth. Many of The Light Watch were killed during this fight, but eventually Thaneth struck down Uneth and broke the shard of Xarallidion that was growing within in them, shattering Whisperer in the process and leaving it a series of broken shards.

After this, independent research into the Celestial Breach was banned across the world of Shard and the order of the Radiant Savant was created to ensure that any understanding of the breach was contained and sanctioned.