The Earliest Times

When The Light Mother first dreamt into being the earliest races, they were curators of the world and all upon it and helped to shape it with her power.

First, there were the Nudayin, the elementals, fragmented dreams of the Titans that walked the world before. Spirits of water, earth, air and fire that shaped and moulded the world above and around Shard into something livable.

Then she dreamt the Fey, from whom nearly all the fair races descended, and they were the curators. They lived in the Earth and the Forests, helping the flora and fauna to flourish and guiding the dreams of The Light Mother as best they could, for they had the strongest of her essence within them and could weave great magic. They first sprouted, like buds, from Aelid and then dispersed themselves into the world. The plants and the beasts, humble and monstrous, were formed and grew under their care as The Light Mother reflected the remnants of the old world that were jumbled within her memory. The elder of the Fey took the power from The Light Mother to create and curate, then gave themselves in body and spirit back to the world, to give each forest, sea, mountain and plain a spirit of its own.

Next came the Maeid, the selfish ones, the great, old ancestors of Men and Dwarves, Halflings and Orcs and Goblins, with whose blood the Fey would mix to bring into being the fairer races of Elven folk and Gnomish kind. They were great weavers of magic and sprouted from the very ground which the Fey had begun to make fertile. They were arrogant, though, and did not acknowledge that all the power they took from the world of Shard was a drain on the essence of The Light Mother. They took without giving and so began to weaken The Light Mother, as she lay dreaming.

These creatures built, together, the oldest places of Shard. The Fey curating and moulding the lands above, and the Maeid delving deep into the heart of the soil and helping the land above to grow. So it was until The First Age.