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Shard - a circular shaped world surrounded by mountains with a tree at it's centre and a tear cut out of part of it.
Shard as it appears in the Fifth Age

Shard is actually a fragment of a much larger world.

The original world which it is fragmented from was walked by titans and gods and elementals. Somehow, they came to a cataclysmic war that threatened to destroy the entire planet. The Light Mother, sensing the ending of the world, tore a fragment of it and took flight into the blackness of The Great Night. The fragment she tore was Aelid, The Giving Tree, and its roots were dug into the ground below.

Flying with this shard of the world clasped to her breast, The Light Mother put all her efforts into protecting it and giving it new life. In the blackness of The Great Night, she began to dream and, in so doing, dreamt the first sparks of life, and as she dreamt she brought the races into being, one by one. These dreams were born of hope and joy and bred the fairest of creatures. Some of her dreams were dark, and haunted by the chaos of the war she had fled and external forces who came to assault her in her slumber. These bred cruel and twisted abominations.

Over time, she began to fade into the essence of Shard itself, forming a protective field around it to shield it from The Great Night and allowing life to flourish and develop. The races breeding, inbreeding, dividing, warring and making peace all grew and took over Shard, building cities and kingdoms and filling the void left by The Light Mother with new Gods, ascended from mortal champions…


The Earliest Times, The First Age, The Second Age, The Third Age, The Fourth Age, The Fifth Age


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The Shard map was designed by Matt Jones and drawn by Elzabi Rimington. You can check out Elzabi’s art at @manicpixieswampmonster on Instagram.