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Year 5-3998

Welcome to Shard, the fragment of a much older world, born on the chest of an enormous celestial, called The Light Mother, through the vast expanse of the darkness known as The Great Night. At its centre stands the ancient tree Aelid, which was saved by The Light Mother when the world before fell apart.

Now in its fifth age, Shard bears the scars of many conflicts, both external and internal. Its landscape is scattered with ancient ruins and wounds, and its cities have been destroyed and rebuilt countless times.

As The Light Mother dreams, those descendants of the first beings that she dreamt into existence continue to live their lives on the surface of the world she saved, though not all on Shard’s surface pay heed to the slumbering celestial above them.

The massive empire of Githridion, the largest of the Realms and de facto peace-keeper on Shard, has been pursuing a quiet campaign of annexation, slowly encroaching upon the borders of its neighbour, New Minead, taking patches of woodland and small towns with little resistance.

Bordering these, the nation of Dis-Urquharat, the iron-hold of Shard, puts its efforts into fuelling the fires of its great forges to create machines of unimaginable power that are capable of repelling even the greatest of forces, should the current peace talks between Githridion and New Minead fail to find a solution.

At Githridion’s other flank, Landreath, the proud nation of the Free Folk, which has borne the brunt of both economic sanctions and occasional bitter reprisals since its declaration of independence from Githridion in 2097, watches uneasily as new forces have begun to amass at the great wall that separates them from their neighbour. The people of Landreath are no stranger to constant threat, though, as they share their home with The Chasm, the broken and scarred land that marks the wound, torn from Shard by the great being Xarallidion in the Third Age. Here the members of The Light Watch make their home, protecting all of Shard from the horrors that may emerge from The Chasm.

Our story begins at The Shining Minaret; once an enormous alabaster tower that stood alone at the tip of The Chasm, the minaret is now a dull, old spire, standing above a severe fort town that houses both members of The Watch and some of those who try to scrape a living along what is known as Dark Edge. Above The Chasm, broiling storms of purple lightning wend their way across the red and black skies and thick, black fogs periodically squall their way imposingly over the broken landscape.

The various recruits of The Light Watch, made of a mix of volunteers, and convicted conscripts from all nations of Shard, spend their days moving between the minaret and the thirty watchtowers along Dark Edge, on a constant cycle of patrols. It has been many years since anything greater than the odd enormous aberration has threatened to find its way from The Chasm to the lands beyond, but still The Watch walk their routes, day in, day out. Overseeing these movements, as she has for more than thirty years, is the venerable Watchmistress Kyaid, an ageing horned-one who commands a well-earned respect, for there are few who survive their first year as a branded member of The Watch.

You can read more about Shard and its History here.

Episode 1 – Welcome to Shard (Lore Dump)

The party meet for the first time at the base of The Shining Minaret, the ancient bastion that is home to The Light Watch of Shard. Formed of volunteers and conscripts, this rag-tag bunch of adventurers begin their first patrol along Dark Edge, which separates the somewhat peaceful, unknowing world of Shard from the horrors of The Chasm.

Episode 2 – Ineffectual Bludgeoning Damage

The party get into combat with an Awakened Tree – a twisted being created by the mutating effects of The Chasm – and learn that life on Dark Edge can be violent and short..

Episode 3 – You’re not done, you’re here

After recovering from their battle with the tree, the party come across some old ruins that show signs of life. Tensions mount amongst the new recruits and David and Aubriana come to blows.

Episode 4 – Ruins by the Roadside

As evening draws in, the party investigate the ruins by the roadside and find a group of mercenaries with a strange cargo in tow.

Episode 5 – The First Watchtower

At the end of their first day, the party arrive at The First Watchtower along Dark Edge, with their sinister cargo in tow.

Episode 6 – The Light Mother’s Path

The party are given a task by Captain Bak’Tarris, the Captain of the first watchtower and meet a new friend, Oswald ‘Tufty’ Pandion. Watchkeeper Aldoen tells them more about their discovery. David has a moment of clarity.

Episode 7 – Dreams and Memories

Level Up!
With Chris and Ben away, Bear tries something a little different.
Each member of the party has a moment of introspection and growth as we reach Level 2.

Episode 8 – Return to Trialatin

After some technical difficulties, I managed to salvage most of this episode!

The members of the watch head back to Trialatin to investigate the hatch and the hole beneath.

Episode 9 – Webs and Darkness

As The Watch descends beneath the ruins of Trialatin, they discover an ancient black-stone tunnel and run into the peculiar abominations that dwell within.

Episode 10 – Walking into Mandibles

The Watch continue their descent beneath Trialatin, uncovering more of the mysterious, web-filled dungeon.

Episode 11 – I Blow The Flute

As The Watch continue their investigation, they are faced with a tough decision – push on, or head back.

Episode 12 – Covered in Spider Goo

The Watch find out that, if they want to push on past the magical barrier, they might have to get a bit…gooey..

Episode 13 – The Floor Is Legs

The Light Watch have entered a large cavern beneath the ruins of Trialatin, but something is there waiting for them… There’s webs everywhere, the floor is legs, and darkness has descended.
Roll initiative – it’s time for a showdown in this special extra-long episode of Shard DnD

Episode 14 – Unwilling Harbingers of the Spider Apocalypse

Tufty descends into the well in the middle of the cavern and has an otherworldly experience. Trill finds out exactly the value of what they found in the chest.

Episode 15 – Recovery

After their ordeal beneath the ruins of Trialatin, the Light Watch gets a chance to regroup, recover, and prepare for what comes next.