Hi, I’m Bear

…and I write RPG systems and content.

I’ve spent countless hours writing campaigns and playing roleplaying games with my friends and this is my space to showcase some systems I’ve designed and ones I’m working on.

Like many roleplayers, my first experience of playing was Dungeons and Dragons. I was introduced to it by a friend of mine and have never looked back. I currently DM for and play in several D&D campaigns, I GM a Vampire The Masquerade campaign, and regularly run a host of one-shots using new systems and styles of play.

I’m currently working on some of my own systems and have one (S.C.R.E.A.M) currently available on this site for you to use with your friends right now! You can even listen to an ongoing Podcast series, using this ruleset, on this site, or on iTunes, Spotify, or anywhere else you get your podcasts.

The systems I like to create are more high-concept, role-playing focused. They try and steer clear of too many overly complex rules for GMs and players to keep track of and give the onus of decision making to the GM. So, if you’re interested in exploring a Steampunk world of smoggy London streets in an alternative history of London, look out for updates on Automata Britannica; if you’re interested in keeping up with the goings on of the Unseelie Court and the great Masquerade of the Fey, then look no further than Feyrie;and if you’re looking for some Slasher Horror one-shot fun, then check out S.C.R.E.A.M.

These systems are being created currently and updates on the world and information on the rules will be placed on this site for you to enjoy. If you’re interested in playtesting any of this content, please get in touch via the contact form and I’ll be happy to send you a current version of the rules along with a questionnaire to fill out.

If you’re looking for campaign setting content, then check out Shard, a roleplaying setting and basis for the Shard DnD campaign, a Dungeons and Dragons Vodcast.

Happy gaming, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Bear x