It Wasn’t Us Meddling Kids

It Wasn’t Us Meddling Kids is a mini RPG that imagines what Scooby Doo would be like if Shaggy was replaced by Grammy Award Winner Shaggy…

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You won’t find it on his Wikipedia page, but, after releasing his hit album “Hot Shot”, Grammy Award winner Shaggy took some time off to join a bunch of TV-famous paranormal investigators (and their dog) as they travelled across America in their van – The Curiosity Camper.

Due to a licensing issue, Shaggy wasn’t allowed to use the titles of any of his hit songs during this period, and had to get by with the help of a thesaurus and his own ability to improvise whenever he was required to perform.

No matter where The Curiosity Camper pulled up, something spooky was sure to happen, but the investigators – and the audience – know that there’s usually someone behind all the freaky goings on. Jinkies!

VW Camper

How To Play

Over the session, you’ll create an episode of “Doggy Doo, What Are You Up To?”, the mystery-solving show that Shaggy has been invited to join.

To play, you’ll need:

o 6d6

o A copy of Grammy Award Winner Shaggy’s hit 2000s album “Hot Shot”

Start by working out some details about THE TEAM, then generate a LOCATION, MONSTER, and the SUPPORTING CAST.

Once you’ve done this, start creating scenes. 

Whenever you create a scene, decide if it’s a TEAM SCENE, or a SHAGGY & DOGGY scene and roll a d6 to get a prompt. Then, add the d6 to either the CHAOS POOL or the MYSTERY POOL.

When you’ve run out of d6 to add to either pool, resolve both pools and start creating scenes again.

The Team

THE TEAM are paranormal investigators, who have been on the road for longer than they care to remember. As well as Grammy Award winning musician Shaggy, THE TEAM is made up of:

o Doggy Doo – a large dog, who is able to talk a bit

o Greg – an arrogant guy who calls himself the leader

o Wilma – easily the smartest member of the group

o Phoebe – an enthusiastic, but clumsy go-getter

Shaggy is a recent addition and beloved by all, but to find out more about THE TEAM, take it in turns to suggest a LOOK, a piece of HISTORY, and a TENSION with another member of THE TEAM for each person. 

A friendly looking Great Dane

Location, Monster, Supporting Cast

The Curiosity Camper always pulls up at a spooky location with some special history.

Roll a d6 to generate a LOCATION & MONSTER, then come up with 4 members of the SUPPORTING CAST.

1Abandoned FairgroundGhost Pirate
2Creepy HotelFish Monster
3Lake-side CabinMummy
4Run-down LibraryWolfman
5Cruise ShipHeadless Horseman

For each member of the SUPPORTING CAST, work together to choose a NAME, LOOK, VIBE, BACKGROUND, and something about them which is SUSPICIOUS.

When you’ve got these details, have a scene where THE TEAM arrive and get the spooky goings on explained to them.

Team Scenes

THE TEAM are great at solving mysteries and usually send Shaggy and Doggy off alone so that they can get down to business.

Whenever you have a TEAM SCENE, roll a d6 and compare it to the table to find out what THE TEAM is doing to push them closer to solving the mystery. When the scene is complete, add the d6 to the MYSTERY POOL.

1Noticing something paranormal
2Discovering suspicious clues
3Running into THE MONSTER
4Opening secret passages
5Uncovering secret lore
6Setting up a trap
An incredibly tall sandwich

Shaggy & Doggy Scenes

Despite their limited investigative abilities, Shaggy and Doggy are always sent off as a pair, while the rest of THE TEAM get down to work looking for clues and setting up ingenious Rube Goldberg style traps.

Whenever you have a SHAGGY & DOGGY SCENE, roll a d6 and compare it to the table to find out what trouble Shaggy & Doggy have got into. When the scene is complete, add the d6 to the CHAOS POOL.

1An unexpected change of location
2Shenanigans in the kitchen
3An exhilarating chase!
4Costumed capers
5A run in with a Supporting Cast member
6Finding a clue!

Chaos Pool

When you are out of d6 to create scenes, roll all the dice in your CHAOS POOL and resolve a scene based on the result. If you roll a result where Shaggy performs one of his hit singles, then nominate a player to Karaoke along to the requested track, whilst maintaining the terms of Shaggy’s disputed licensing agreement.

1-3The Team is accosted by one of the Supporting Cast
4-6Shaggy performs “It Wasn’t Me!”
7-9Two or more monsters appear simultaneously
10-12Shaggy performs “Angel” 
13-15A clue is revealed to be a red herring
16-18Shaggy performs “Luv Me, Luv Me”
19-21Wilma loses her glasses
22-24A new Monster is revealed
25-27Shaggy incriminates himself in the mystery
28-30Shaggy performs “Dance & Shout”
31-33A stoned guy appears, claiming to be “The Real Shaggy”
34-36Doggy’s awful nephew appears

Mystery Pool

When you are out of d6 to create scenes, roll all the dice in your MYSTERY POOL and advance the EPISODE TRACKER based on the result.

1-5Advance 1
6-11Advance 2
12-17Advance 3
18-23Advance 4
24-29Advance 5
30-36Advance 6

When the EPISODE TRACKER reaches 10, it’s time to wrap up the episode – go to THE REVEAL.

A Grammy award

The Reveal

When the EPISODE TRACKER reaches 10, it’s time to wrap up the episode. Choose a member of the supporting cast and name them as THE MONSTER, then have a scene where you use all the pieces of evidence from the Episode to accuse and unmask them.

Once your accusation is complete, have a scene where they confess and blame their failure on the actions of THE TEAM. 

When the final scene is resolved, put on Shaggy’s album “Hot Shot” and get ready for a party as the credits roll!