Fine Familiars

Fine Familiars is a mini RPG where you play as Familiars on their home plane, constantly being transported to the Material Plane, given a new form, and sent back to continue what they were doing!

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Fine Familiars cover, with Ursidice Bear logo and a gang of animals. A weasel is climbing over the title of the game.


Life is hard as a Familiar. You’re just trying to get things done on your own plane of existence when, without warning, you’re dragged away to take part in some magic user’s adventure.

When Familiars are summoned, they’re pulled from their original plane of existence and into the Material Plane. Familiars are given whatever form the spellcaster chooses and forced to take part in a quest until they’re dismissed, or their material form is destroyed.

What most people don’t know is that Familiars have no control over their own ability to change their form. When they’re returned to their original plane of existence, they’re stuck in the last form they were given by their summoner. This can cause all sorts of problems if you’re in the middle of a task.

They could be on the Material Plane for minutes, hours, weeks, or years, depending on how long they’re needed, but the good news is, when they’re returned to their home plane, no time has passed at all. If only it weren’t so disorientating!

A goofy lizard


When you attempt something where the outcome is uncertain, roll 3d10.

When you roll HIGH, roll 3d10 and combine the highest two results.

When you roll LOW, roll 3d10 and combine the lowest two results.

When you roll SPREAD, roll 3d10 and combine the highest result and the lowest result.

On an 11 or above, you SUCCEED – everything goes to plan.

On a 10 or below, you BOTCH – something goes wrong, or there is an unforeseen consequence.

Additionally, whenever you BOTCH, roll 1d10. On a 1-5, you are SUMMONED to the Material Plane.



You begin the game in the last form you were given when SUMMONED.

Determine your starting form by rolling d100 and comparing the result to the FORM table. On a result of 1-5, reroll.

When you are SUMMONED, your form can change. Roll on the FORM table whenever you are SUMMONED, then roll on the TIME and RETURN tables to determine how long you were on the Material Plane, what sent you back, and how this affects you.

A suspicious owl


Each form has something specific that it is GOOD AT and something specific that it is BAD AT, though there will be other considerations to make depending on the situation.

It is up to your GM to determine whether your current form will make a difference to your roll.

If your current form makes you GOOD AT what you’re trying to do, or might otherwise make what you’re trying to do easier, roll HIGH.

If your current form makes you BAD AT what you’re trying to do, or might otherwise make what you’re trying to do harder, roll LOW,

If it doesn’t make a difference, roll SPREAD.

Familiars can always understand each other, no matter what form they are currently trapped in.

6-10 Bat Echolocation Daylight
11-15 Cat Fitting Into Things Patience
16-20 Crab Clamping Walking Forwards
21-25 Fish Slapping Walking, In General
26-30 Frog Jumping Sunbathing
31-35 Hawk Hovering Not Making A Mess
36-40 Imp Cheekiness Self Control
41-45 Lizard Sneaking Being Cold
46-50 Octopus Sticking To Things Letting Go
51-55 Owl Head Turning Imparting Wisdom
56-60 Tiny Dragon Making Fire Controlling Fire
61-65 Tiny Demon Invisibility Responsibility
66-70 Rat Sneaking Being Misunderstood
71-75 Raven Cunning Not Tapping On Doors
76-80 Sea Horse Floating Being a Horse
81-85 Snake Fitting In Tubes Loyalty
86-90 Spider Webbing Making Friends
91-95 Sprite Being Cute Paying Attention
96-100 Weasel Being Long Telling The Truth


A fat rat


Although you’re only gone for no time at all on your home plane, your period of service could be a long time on the Material Plane.

The longer you are gone, the more confused you are when you return. Roll 1d10 to determine how long you were gone and apply the CONFUSED effect given in the table.

2 12 Hours -1 on next roll
3 A Day -1 on next roll
4 3 Days -2 on next roll
5 A Week -2 on next roll
6 2 Weeks -3 on next roll
7 A Month Next roll is LOW
8 6 Months Next roll is LOW with -1
9 A Year Next roll is LOW with -2
10 A Decade Next roll is LOW with -3

A shy snake


Finally, roll 1d10 to determine what sent you back.

If you were DISMISSED, there’s no further issue.

If you were KILLED, you come back PANICKED.

1-5 You were KILLED
6-10 You were DISMISSED

If you are PANICKED, take -1 on your next roll. This stacks with any CONFUSED effects you might have from the TIME table.


You can remove any conditions currently affecting you by taking a moment, collecting yourself, and recounting your most recent experience on the Material Plane to another Familiar.

Once this is complete, remove any CONFUSED or PANICKED conditions and continue on with your adventure in whatever new form you may be trapped in, now.

A sneaky weasel


Familiars are summoned from a specific plane. You may wish to roll on the following randomising tables to decide which plane they are from and the nature of their quest.

They are…

1-2 Fey The Fey Wield
3-4 Fiend The Hells
5-6 Celestial The Heavens

On a…

1-2 Quest
3-4 Heist
5-6 Rescue Mission


1-2 Wealth Information Friends
3-4 Power An Artefact Family
5-6 Glory Cash Nobility


1 The Monarch of The Realm and Their Minions
2 Their Greatest Fears
3 A Complex and Fiendish Set of Traps
4 A Journey of Great Distance and Difficulty
5 A Powerful and Ancient Evil
6 An Impenetrable Fortress