Wake Up The Pope! Corey Taylor Has Come To Visit

WAKE UP THE POPE! Corey Taylor Has Come To Visit is a mini RPG where you play as POWERFUL NUNS trying to keep the singer from Slipknot calm, whilst finding all of The Pope’s possessions

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It’s not every day that the singer out of Slipknot comes to Rome to see The Pope, but today is one such day. Unfortunately, Their Holiness is not in any way prepared. They’ve lost all of their Papal Regalia around Vatican City and can’t possibly have visitors before they get it all back.

Can you keep disaster from striking by finding all of the scattered items before Corey Taylor wrecks the place?

How To Play

You are a sisterhood of POWERFUL NUNS, who act as personal assistants to The Pope.

You have two STATS. Assign 4d6 between these STATS, with a minimum of 1d6 in either STAT:

PACIFICATION – When you need to keep someone happy or quiet

ACQUISITION – When you search for what you need or have lost

Whenever you act and the outcome is in doubt, tell the GM up to three GOOD OUTCOMES from your action. The GM will give you up to two BAD OUTCOMES.

Determine which STAT you are using, roll all the dice for that STAT and read the highest number rolled.

6 – You get all your GOOD OUTCOMES and no BAD OUTCOMES

4-5 – Pick one GOOD OUTCOME and one BAD OUTCOME

1-3 – You get no GOOD OUTCOMES and all BAD OUTCOMES

ring of the fisherman

Pick your Sister

It takes a lot to be elevated to the rank of personal assistant to The Pope. You are the crème de la crème, the best of the best, and damned good at what you do!

The Pope hired you all because of your particular TALENTS, which will aid you in your search for the PAPAL REGALIA and attempts to PACIFY Corey.

Roll once on each side of the table to determine what makes you special:

Logistics 1 Soothing Voice
Perfect Aim 2 Perfect Pitch
Sense Of Smell 3 Spontaneity
Photographic Memory 4 Macramé
Force Of Will 5 Culinary Prowess
An Eye For Detail 6 Distraction

If you can invoke one of your TALENTS when using a STAT, roll an extra d6.


The Regalia

The Pope’s belongings have been scattered all around Vatican City.

Luckily, you’ve got The Pope’s Vestments, but you’re not letting them see Corey without their proper PAPAL REGALIA (or something that looks enough like them):

TRIREGNUM – The Papal Tiara

RING OF THE FISHERMAN – A Golden Signet Ring

PAPAL FERULA – A Golden Rod With A Cross At The Top

Roll a d6 for each item of PAPEL REGALIA to find out where it is in Vatican City, reroll any duplicates:

1  The Necropolis
2  The Barracks
3  The American Garden
4  The Radio Station
5  The Apostolic Library
6  The Belvedere Casino

Getting these items will take time, and Corey doesn’t like to be kept waiting. Each time you have a scene where you attempt to retrieve a piece of PAPAL REGALIA, increase Corey’s RAGE by 1.


The Waiting Room

Corey is very impatient and needs to be kept constantly entertained to make sure that he doesn’t flip out and wreck the place.

Corey starts the game with a RAGE of 0. If Corey’s RAGE ever reaches 3, he will go BUCK WILD and ruin everything.

You can attempt to PACIFY Corey, to remove 1 RAGE. Whenever you have a scene to PACIFY Corey, roll on the table to find out what he needs to be kept calm whilst waiting:

1 An Entertaining Song
2 A Tasty Snack/Drink
3 A Nap With Cuddly Toys
4 Be Told All The Ways That He Is Pretty
5 Arts & Crafts Mask Making Session
6 A Costume Parade

If Corey goes BUCK WILD, then roll twice on the ACTIVITY table and have a scene where the POWERFUL NUNS attempt to PACIFY Corey with both activities simultaneously.

Corey can’t meet The Pope if he’s showing any signs of RAGE. You must reduce Corey’s RAGE to 0 before you can have THE MEETING.

The Meeting

Once the Pope has been properly attired and Corey Taylor has been pacified, act out a final scene where you introduce The Pope to Corey Taylor.

Pick one of the following, or roll, to make things more complicated:

1 The Pope doesn’t like Corey’s new mask
2 Corey is allergic to something The Pope is wearing
3 The Pope was recently visited by Fred Durst and won’t stop mentioning it
4 Corey forgot his present for The Pope
5 The Pope believes they are meeting members of Hanson
6 Corey has brought along a cover CD he made of various hymns – it MUST be played

This game is an ode to the Half Man Half Biscuit Song, Vatican Broadside.