Get Out Of Doge

Heck Fren! They doin you an injustice!

You and your fellow Doggos are trapped in the pound. You’ve been here for a long time and no one has claimed you. You know that time is running out.

It’s time to Get Out Of Doge!

All you need to play is the rules and character sheet, a pencil and rubber and a 6-sided dice.

Download the rules and Character Sheet in PDF format here.

The Rules

You have four Good Doggo actions and four Bad Doggo actions.

Bad Doggo actions don’t require you to roll, but using them will give you a ‘Bad Doggo’ point. Get three Bad Doggo points at the same time and you are a heckin Bad Doggo. You’re get sent back to your cage to await your fate. Oh heck!

Once you have used a Bad Doggo action, you can’t use the same one again until you use a Good Doggo action.

Good Doggo actions require a roll. Roll a 6 sided dice and get equal to or greater than your Good Doggo action score to succeed. If you succeed, remove one of your Bad Doggo points.

Bad Doggo actions:

Bork – BORK! BORK! – Bork to do a frighten to a Hooman or Doggo or to warn your Frens of danger.

Mine – so ownership such resolve – keep hold of an item when someone tries to take it away

Attac – it’s the one that says bad motherhecker on it – do an Attac on a Doggo or Hooman to get them out of your way

Fraid – oh heck! – use Fraid to escape an encounter without making any noise or doing any harm.

Good Doggo actions:

Fren – make friends with a Hooman or Doggo to avoid a dangerous Encounter

Fetch – go get it girl! – find an item that someone has done a hide with

Protec – she Protec! – defend your Frens when someone does them a grab!

Brave – standing in the heckin face of death – stand your ground when someone does you a frighten

Pick Your Doggo:


5+ Fren

6+ Fetch

4+ Protec

3+ Brave

Smol Doggos do not gain a Bad Doggo point for using Bork


6+ Fren

5+ Fetch

3+ Protec

4+ Brave

Big Doggos do not gain a Bad Doggo point for using Attac


4+ Fren

3+ Fetch

5+ Protec

6+ Brave

Shaggy Doggos do not gain a Bad Doggo point for using Mine


3+ Fren

4+ Fetch

6+ Protec

5+ Brave

Floofy Doggos do not gain a Bad Doggo point for using Fraid

Actually a cat

6+ Fren

6+ Fetch

5+ Protec

6+ Brave

Doggos that are actually Cats can reuse Bad Doggo actions without having to use a Good Doggo action in between.

Running a Game

How to run Encounters

Most Encounters can be overcome by using Good Doggo actions or Bad Doggo actions.

Some Good Doggo actions have corresponding checks:

Brave – Doing you a frighten

Protec – Doing you a grab  

Fren – Telling you a bad pupper

Fetch – Doing you a hide

Players can use a Bad Doggo action to overcome these as well, but beware – Bad Doggos get sent back to their cages!

Generate Encounters

Encounters are either World Encounters, Doggo Encounters or Hooman Encounters. Roll a d6 to decide which of these three the Encounter will be, then roll on the corresponding table.

1-2 – World

It’s a dog’s life in a Hooman world!

World Encounters are when Doggos come up against natural obstacles such as doors, locked rooms, buttons, tasty smells, interesting toys etc. Some World Encounters may be puzzles, rather than straight up checks.

World Encounters

1 – tasty smell – heckin distractin

2 – high pitched noise – what could it be?

3 – fireworks – doing you a frighten

4 – locked door (requires key) – have to do a Fetch

5 – Hooman words – heckin confusin

6 – precision buttons – heckin dexterous

3-4 – Doggo

It’s a Doggo eat Doggo world out there!

Doggo Encounters are when other Doggos appear along the way. They may try to stop the Doggos from escaping, or maybe they’re just frens angling for a sniffo!

Doggo Encounters

1 –  sleepy Doggo – no Borking

2 – angry Doggo – he Attac

3 – timid Doggo – u doing him a frighten, he Borks!

4 – friendly Doggo – Fren!

5 – scary Doggo – doing u a frighten

6 – actually a cat – he Attac any other cats around!

5-6 – Hooman

Man’s best Fren no longer!

Hooman Encounters are when Hoomans get in the way of escaping Doggos. Some of them may be friendly, most of them will try to stop the escaping Doggos

Hooman Encounters

1 – grabby Hooman – doing you a grab

2 – takey Hooman – doing you a hide

3 – kicky Hooman – he Attac!

4 – shouty Hooman – telling you a bad pupper

5 – friendly Hooman – doing you an assistance

6 – sleepy Hooman – no Borking!

Heckin’ Tricky

To make a Hooman or Doggo Encounter extra difficult, roll on the ‘heckin tricky’ table:

1 – immune to Bork

2 – immune to Attac

3 – immune to Mine

4 – nowhere to run (players can’t use the Fraid action)

5/6 – double trouble – roll for another Hooman/Doggo Encounter (1-3 is another doggo, 4-6 is another Hooman)

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