Coin Toss Horror Hunter

Coin Toss Horror Hunter is a mini RPG, where players take on the role of Horror Hunters travelling from town to town on their bandwagon in search of coins.

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You’re a gang of mutants who roam the land hunting Horrors. Your reward? Sweet, sweet coins. You love coins. So much. They’re pretty much all you live for.

The townsfolk don’t always like you, but when you and your fellow Horror Hunters roll into town on your bandwagon, they’ll give you coins to get rid of whatever Horror is ruining their day! COINS!

How To Play

Whenever you attempt something where the outcome is in doubt, your GM will ask you to flip coins and count the number of HEADS.

1-2 You get most of what you want.

The GM will ask you what you want to sacrifice to succeed

3 You get what you want
4-5 You get what you want and the GM will ask you what else you want to achieve

stencil image of a hand flipping a coin

If you flip 0 HEADS, the thing you attempted fails and IT GETS COMPLICATED. When IT GETS COMPLICATED, ask your GM what happens to make the situation worse.

You start with one COIN. Whenever you flip COINS and count 0 HEADS, take another COIN to a maximum of 5, unless told otherwise by your GM. You’ll also gain COINS for completing JOBS. Whenever you are asked to flip COINS, flip all the COINS you have.

Build your Horror Hunter

Pick one SPECIALISM from the list below. Whenever you use your SPECIALISM, you can REFLIP one coin that does not show HEADS.  SPECIALISMS can be interpreted as metaphorically or literally as you like.







stencil image of a crossbow

Next, give your Horror Hunter a name.

Pick a name from 1930s England, then change one letter. For instance, you might want to pick the name ‘Gerald’ and change a letter to make it sound more fantasy!


You and your fellow mutant HORROR HUNTERS will travel to TOWNS and try to find JOBS.

JOBS are displayed on the town noticeboard. Your GM will tell you what JOBS need doing in each TOWN.

When you complete a JOB, you’ll be rewarded with a COIN. You may have it placed in your hand, slid across a table or, if you’re feeling particularly dextrous, tossed to you.

stencil image of a longsword


At the start of each JOB, pick a GOAL for your HORROR HUNTER. This will influence how they act on the JOB. When you act towards your GOAL, you can REFLIP one coin that does not show HEADS.








These mutant HORROR HUNTERS are hungry for COINS. DELICIOUS COINS.

They may choose to eat them, but it’s not recommended, because of choking and, also, COINS are dirty.

The best way to get COINS is to do JOBS! JOBS are written, hastily, and pinned to noticeboards in towns.

Pick a disposition for the town they arrive in and a JOB from the lists below.

Hostile in a passive aggressive sort of way
Hostile in an aggressive sort of way
A little too welcoming…
Ungrateful, but demanding
It’s just one person and their dog. They seem nice enough.


Something’s been sort of eating my sheep. It eats the bones, but leaves the meat.
I bought two scarecrows last winter, but there are three in my field, now. I don’t like the look of the third.
I paid a goblin to clean my cart and now it hasn’t got any wheels. I demand justice! Or wheels!
I’m in need of this ingredient, but… it’s kind of rare… and only grows inside a monster’s mouth.
I’m being dragged away whilst writing this. Pin it to the board if you find it! HELP!
My partner’s ashes have been stolen. Like… why? Seriously. COIN for their return!

stencil image of a coin with a head showing


When IT GETS COMPLICATED, something has gone wrong. The HORROR HUNTER’S action has not succeeded, and things get a little worse. flip 2 coins and count the number of HEADS.

2 MINOR INCONVENIENCE Something minor happens that delays the party’s progress. It’s an easy fix, but annoying.
1 LESSER OF TWO EVILS Give the player a choice between two bad outcomes
0 FUCK… Someone is getting hurt or something is getting lost. Either remove something useful from everyone involved or, if they have more than one coin, remove a coin from them (If they gained a coin from flipping 0 Heads, then take the coin back. Look them in the eye, while you do it.)


When The Job Is Done

At the end of the JOB, make sure you reward each HORROR HUNTER accordingly. This means giving them a COIN. Ask how they’d like to receive their COIN, then hand, slide or toss it right to them. Feel free to give them a friendly wink while you do so, too.