SUPERNORMAL is a mini RPG where you play as superheroes with unstable powers just trying to enjoy your day off.

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Like, REAL SUPERPOWERS. But… What about when you want a day off?

A woman looks concerned as animals flock around her whilst she walks along holding a drink.

Your SUPERPOWERS are great for fighting crime and saving the world, but just trying to kick back and blend in is really tough.

You’re super strong, with crazy fast reactions and a body of steel, but your powers are a little unstable and you really struggle to dial down the Super when interacting with everyday objects, people, or situations. How are you going to cope with keeping your secret identity hidden and still have a nice day off?


Throughout the game, you will be asked to make rolls based on how mundane your interaction with the world is.

If your interaction is unassuming, subtle or mundane, then you’re trying to ‘BLEND IN – roll 3d6.

If your interaction would be considered showing off, over the top, or attention seeking, then you’re trying to ‘SHOW OFF’ – roll 2d6

If your interaction is brazenly using your SUPERPOWERS, then you’re trying to ‘BE SUPER’ – roll 1d6.

Whenever you INTERACT WITH THE WORLD, no matter how inconsequential, roll the appropriate number of dice and consult the table below. The lower the result, the better.

1-5          The Action Works As Intended

6-11       There Is A SUPERGLITCH

12-18     The Action Is SUPERCHARGED Beyond Your Control

If there is a SUPERGLITCH, roll 1d6 and compare the result to the table below.

When an action is SUPERCHARGED beyond your control, there are two SUPERGLITCHES – the player rolls to see what the first SUPERGLITCH is, and the GM picks the second one.

1              You Perform The Action With An Unexpected Level Of Force

2              There Is A Surge Of Power From Within That Temporarily Incapacitates You

3              You Perform The Action In A Way That Draws Unwanted Attention

4              You Perform The Action In A Way That Causes Unintended Destruction

5              You Perform The Action In A Way That Inconveniences Others

6              You Unintentionally Activate One Or More Of Your Specific Super Powers

A man in a wheel chair, hovering above a sausage dog in a suit. Both look concerned.


Once a roll results in one or more SUPERGLITCHES when attempting to INTERACT WITH THE WORLD, MARK EXPERIENCE. When you MARK EXPERIENCE, write down the world interaction – such as brushing your teeth – you were attempting when you SUPERGLITCHED. From now on, whenever you attempt to INTERACT WITH THE WORLD and you have experience in that interaction, roll the appropriate number of dice twice and pick the LOWER result.


Throughout the day, you must try and maintain the balance between your Super life and your mundane existence. If people start to suspect you have SUPERPOWERS, things will go poorly for you. There are always people waiting in the shadows to try and take down the saviours (or villains) of humanity, and if you let your secret identity slip, you put yourself under threat from attack.


As well as your SUPER STRENGTH, near INVINCIBILITY and SUPERHUMAN REACTIONS, pick THREE superpowers from the list below that your SUPER form has. How you interpret the extent of your powers is up to you and your GM. Once you’ve done this, choose a SUPER name for your secret identity and NORMAL name for your mundane identity, then get ready to be SUPERNORMAL!





Animal Friendship

Heat Vision



Astral Projection


Mind Control




Retractable Metal Claws







Laser Vision


Temporal Distortion

A balding and overweight man scratches his head with an embarrassed expression, whilst holding a flaming bowling ball.


Decide what life events the Supers are going to have to be SUPERNORMAL at. Pick two, or roll on the table below. For their first activity, roll on the first column. For their second activity, roll on the second.

1             A Birthday Party

2             A Dog Wedding

3             A Human Wedding

4             A Religious/Secular Coming Of Age Ceremony

5             A Delicious Brunch

6             A Lovely Day In The Park

1              Bowling

2              A Night Out

3              Going To The Movies

4              A Sporting Event

5              A Wild House Party

6              A Sophisticated Dinner Party

Once you’ve got their day-in-the-life sorted, it’s time to prepare for the worst. Decide what Super event will occur during their day, where they get to flex their powers.

Whenever the Supers MARK EXPERIENCE or choose to ‘BE SUPER’, take note. When this tally reaches 15 (or 5x the number of Supers for groups of 4 or more), their COVER IS BLOWN and rival powers will appear and attempt to take them down. Roll to see who turns up – every time their COVER IS BLOWN, alternate between the first set and the second set below.

1             Aggressive Alien Invaders

2             A Violent And Unhinged A.I.

3             Bizzaro Versions Of The Supers From A Parallel Universe

4             Horrors From Beneath The Surface Of The Earth

5             Secret Government Agents

6             Their Arch Nemeses

1              A Diabolically Clever Billionaire With An Evil Agenda

2              A Sewer Dwelling Rat And Their Adopted Mutant Children

3              Heavily Rebranded Norse Gods

4              Representatives From An Insurance Company

5              Rival Supers Who Want A Greater Market Share

6              Time Travelling Dinosaurs With A Mysterious Agenda