Krampus on Campus

Krampus on Campus is a mini RPG where you play as undergrads trying to get some damn work done before Krampus eviscerates you.

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It’s the last week of term and you’re trying to get your BIG PROJECT finished before the holidays. You’ve also got to make sure you get in your goodbyes, gatherings, and social engagements before everyone parts ways. Things would be so simple, if it wasn’t for the University Krampus turning up to make sure everyone is behaving themselves… and throw in a bit of mayhem into the mix.

Can you finish your work, keep on top of your social life, and avoid brutal evisceration before the last day of term?

Krampus riding on a wooden horse with an upset child (wearing a mortar board)

How to Play

You are undergrads just trying to get through the last week of term. You have two stats, which start at 7: 

CAMPUS, anything relating to…

  • Forwarding your studies
  • Helping others
  • Contributing to the community

KRAMPUS, anything relating to… 

  • Being selfish
  • Sabotaging others
  • Dealing with Krampus

Whenever you work to accomplish a goal or attempt something where the outcome is in doubt, roll 2d6 and EQUAL or BEAT the appropriate stat to succeed.

If you roll below, pick 1 and ask the GM to pick another:

  • Summon Krampus
  • Make the current situation worse
  • Lose progress on a Goal
  • Increase a stat by 1 (to a maximum of 12)
  • Take a Krampus Point

Your Specialism

Roll on the table below, or pick a subject to be your SPECIALISM. If your SPECIALISM is relevant to what you’re trying to achieve, roll 3d6 and pick the highest 2.

1 – Esoterica & Phantasmagoria

2 – Ancient Literature & Forgotten Texts

3 – Chthonic Relations & Mixed Messages

4 – Cryptid Biology & Ecology

5 – Metaphysics & Transplanar Technology

6 – German


Campus life can be a lot of fun, but you’re also here to study. In your last week of term, you should achieve 2 GOALS – a RESEARCH GOAL and a SOCIAL GOAL.

For each GOAL, pick 4 tasks to achieve before your goal is achieved. Divide two circles into 4 to keep track of your tasks. You cannot work on the same GOAL twice in a day.

If you’ve got GOALS left unfinished by the end of the week, then ask the GM for a KRAMPUS SCENE to decide the fate of your undergrad.

Krampus, bending over and grinning with its tongue out

Running a game – for GMs

Start the week by asking each undergrad for their WINTER WISH. You should work in ways for them to achieve this over the course of the week, or have a scene at the end of the week where this is achieved. This should be resolved before any KRAMPUS SCENES for unfinished GOALS. At the end of the week, ask any survivors about their plans for the holidays.

Run the week day-by-day. Split each day into 2 phases – DAY and NIGHT. At the start of each phase, ask each undergrad what they are working on and how they go about achieving it, then run scenes from those starting points.


For as long as anyone can remember, Krampus has arrived at the last week of term before the winter holidays to get a bit of practice in before wreaking havoc at Christmas. Whenever Krampus appears, they will act as aggressively as possible and destroy anything of value or beauty.

Krampus appears at the least opportune moment, but is also drawn to bad behaviour. Whenever a player rolls a double when rolling Krampus, give the player a KRAMPUS POINT. You can also give KRAMPUS POINTS to represent injuries or other lasting effects from interactions with the Krampus.

Krampus Points

Krampus likes to leave their mark on anyone who they judge – by their incredibly high standards – to have done wrong over the holiday period.

KRAMPUS POINTS represent how interested in an undergrad Krampus is. If a player receives 10 KRAMPUS POINTS, they automatically trigger a KRAMPUS SCENE.

At any point during the week, if a player does something that you judge to be particularly kind, generous, or charitable, you can let them remove a KRAMPUS POINT and reduce a stat by 1.

Krampus Scenes

KRAMPUS SCENES are when Krampus take bitter retribution for an undergrad’s bad behaviour, or enacts their capricious lust for violence.

Whenever an undergrad triggers a KRAMPUS SCENE, they should be subjected to an intensely violent and ironic comeuppance for their bad behaviour or mistakes over the course of the week

If a character has achieved their HOLIDAY WISH, they can take a chance and roll 1d6. On a 3+, they outsmart Krampus and make their getaway. Otherwise, Krampus pulls out their delicious organs and munches them down as a tasty Winter snack.