The Depths Of This Forest

The Queen is dying.

The World is ending.

The Depths are full of Horrors.

The Depths Of This Forest is a solo journaling game of introspection, survival and exploration where you journey into the underworld to save your home.

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The Depths Of This Forest uses a standard 52-card deck to generate prompts and a simple 2d6 combat system for Dangerous Encounters. 

A run-through can take you from 6-8 hours, however it’s recommended you take longer than this and spend time considering your character’s feelings and reactions to the world.

Character Creation

The first half of the game is character creation, where you’ll choose to be one of four Vegetation Cetaceans and spend time building their personality, memories, and the important figures in their lives. 

Character Creation

Two-page spread of character options, including a Shrub-Whale, Mulch-Dolphin, Bark-Porpoise & Root-Narwhal

Your memories will be warped and potentially lost as your move through The Depths and your corporeal form may suffer as a result.

Journeying Through The Depths

The Depths are represented by Hex maps, which you populate with unique Landmarks before journeying  through to defeat the Horrors which have corrupted them. On your journey, you’ll draw card prompts which can be combat encounters, emotional choices, or surreal experiences, all of which will have an effect on your character’s well-being and state of mind.


One of The Depths, with a left-hand image of sparsely packed fronds of seaweed, and a right-hand side with a 6×6 hex grid and information on locations

What do I get for $20?

With your purchase, you’ll receive high-res & low-res hyperlinked PDF versions of The Depths Of This Forest, with 44 pages of illustrated content, and four form-fillable character sheets (one for each character option).

Content Warnings

This game deals with themes of lossdeathlonelinessisolationclaustrophobiamemory loss and fear.