Automata Britannica

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1866. London, England.

Explore a dark world on the smog-filled streets of London, and below in the depths of Hell, where factories are full of a ceaselessly toiling underclass who fanatically worship the clockwork machinations of a perfect universe improved by the gifts that God gave to man.

Many years after the Industrious Revolution, when the religious zealots of the Church in England from the North combined with the philosophical faction of The Watchmakers in Westminster to create the New Diluvian Movement and overthrow the wayward government of rotten Boroughs and broken politics, Britannica is much changed from the green and pleasant land which some might still remember. The Clockwork Queen, Automata Regina, oversees the running of The Realm in perfect, clockwork motion and the endless creation of the factories below the earth ensure that Britannica’s reputation as a producer on a world-scale is maintained and unrivalled.

You are members of The Crown, the elite force that enforces the way of life in Britannica and hunts out heretics and apostates wherever they may be. Whether this is seemingly peaceable Naturalists, with their demonic icons of twigs and stone; the terrorist cells of Luddites, destroying the beautiful perfection of machinery and compromising the endless and glorious toil of the blessed, meek workers in Hell; or the vile elements of Haruspicy cults which fester in dark, fetid corners of the realm. You were chosen among the workers in Hell, pulled from the pits to be the greatest servants of Britannica itself. With your brothers and sisters in arms at your side, you take to the streets to enact justice and swear vengeance on all who turn against the wonder of the New Diluvians, but be careful for the apostate is troublesome and may whisper words in your ear like the serpent. Not all stay true to the path of righteousness and it is up to you to monitor friend and foe alike to ensure that the great glory of Britannica is upheld and maintained.

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